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Paris blog

The city’s best bits, explored by us

the paris culture checklist: november

Paris is enchanting regardless of the season, but there’s no denying it feels a little more magical come autumn. As those falling leaves drift by your window, you might just wonder how best to spend the day. Sure, you could while away hours drinking chocolat chaud in a cosy cafe or stroll along boulevards bathed in November sun, but there’s just so much culture to soak up. Read on as we round up the best bits going on in the city this month.


the great escape: day trips from Paris

Each of our hotels are located in cities that don’t just have loads to see in the heart of town, but plenty of nearby places perfect for an excursion too. With the Paris edition of our four-city guide, visit grand palaces outside the City of Light and places that are – quite literally – a work of art, knowing that a comfy citizenM bed awaits at the end of your trip.