Find your new favourite cocktail at cloudM

Citizens, meet cloudM, a place where you sip won’t-find-anywhere-else, unique cocktails with stunning views. That’s right, you read that correctly! Our rooftop bars have a tailored cocktail menu, carefully curated to reintroduce you to the world of booze, citizenM style. Feeling overwhelmed with the wide selection of the wonderfully sounding choices on our menu? Read on and we’ll help to find your next favourite!

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if you like Mai Tai’s, you should try a Mezzo Meridian

citizenM makes sure you are always in prime locations, never far from what the city you’re in has on show. But we understand that sometimes you might want to be transported somewhere else, like the tropical islands of the Caribbean, let’s say. Not to worry! Order a Mezzo Meridian at canteenM and find yourself tasting the sunny beaches, the fresh ocean and the sweet taste of holidays from the living room of your hotel.

if you like Mojito’s, you should try a citizenMojito

Do you want to be wrapped up in that refreshing mint aroma tingling your senses as you sip on your ice-cold drink? The Mojito is an obvious choice, but why not spice it up with a citizenMojito - we take the well-known classic and swap the rum for an in-house prepared mix of Aperol and Scotch Whisky. We say goodbye to lime and hello to lemon and we’ve got our drink ready! Give it a try and find new depths to what a Mojito can be.

if you like Margarita’s, you should try a Pineapple Coconut Margarita

Hello to all tequila lovers! We’re here to treat you with a premium tequila from Patrón combined with our own pineapple-coconut mix. Served with lime, naturally, and you’ve got yourself a drink that will make sure the party doesn’t stop. 

if you like a Moscow Mule, you should try a Fiery Ginger Mule

Are you a fan of the vodka and ginger beer classic? We give it an extra kick with an even more gingery flavour for those looking to taste some authentic spice. Feeling up for a fiery tang in your drink? Look no further. 

if you like a Vodka Sour, you should try a Passionfruit Sereh Sour

Refreshing, tart, with a frothy finish. Mmm – how about we add a fresh passionfruit to the mix? Passionfruit Sereh Sour is a perfect punch of fruity flavour for those who like their cocktails on a less sweet side. We add our own lemongrass-ginger syrup and present you with your next favourite Sour. 

Jazz up your journey

Right, you've had a taste of our top 5 cocktails – smashing job! It's more than just a drink; it's a global trek, minus the jet lag. Now, imagine this: you're chilling on our rooftop bar, cocktail in hand, soaking up those unbeatable vibes.

What's next on your agenda? Another cheeky drink or a little natter with our ambassadors about the local lowdown? Here's to you, mobile citizens, with a thirst for fun and a knack for making every sip a story. Chin chin!

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