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make your stay safer

just 3 easy steps

Why download our app? For our exclusive contactless experience, of course! It makes your stay even safer – and takes only three easy steps to get started.

your amazing perks

Like a great first date, our app is smart, good looking and a whole lot of fun. We're talking superpowers for your phone – plus insider city guides that'll make you feel like a local, anywhere. Download our app, sign up to mycitizenM and enjoy endless perks.

*Conditions: user can check-in after 11.00 AM if there are rooms available, is within 2 km of the hotel, and has enabled location sharing while using the app.

get the app

it's as easy as 1, 2, 3

step one

Download our app here. It's simple, smart and powers our contactless hotel experience, making your stay even safer.

step two

Sign up and create an account for the citizenM app. Already a citizen? Just log in!

step three

Add your booking. It's the best way to keep your bookings in one place, no matter how you make them.


Finished? It's smooth sailing from here. Feel safe, save time and have fun while doing so with every citizenM stay.


ask us anything

What will happen to my reservation?

Nothing happens to your reservation – you can still manage it through

Do I have the same rights as I do with

Absolutely! Plus amazing perks like exclusive sales.

What does a contactless hotel stay look like?

Imagine arriving at a hotel and touching nothing but your smartphone to check-in, flip through TV channels, open doors, pay for stuff and more. That's the world's first, one-of-a-kind citizenM experience available at all hotels. Have we tickled you? Click here to read more.