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We have a living room instead of a lobby, and we have a canteenM instead of a hotel restaurant. It’s all because we want you to really feel at home. Just like at home, there is food and drinks within your reach anytime you feel hungry or thirsty. You may feel jetlagged, so you should be free to eat and drink whenever you want.

The concept is grab-and-go casual, and everything we have is the best of the best: incredible coffee, flaky croissants fresh from the oven, the best cocktails and great snacks.

In the evening, the bar offers spirits, expertly mixed cocktails, champagne on ice and draft beer on tap.

breakfast times

Breakfast is served from 6.00 AM until 11.00 AM. It is possible to have breakfast earlier than 6.00 AM, just let us know in advance to arrange this. Some breakfast items are available to order 24/7. To check availability, please ask an ambassador.

book breakfast

There are several ways to add breakfast to your booking.

You will be offered this option when you’re booking your room online. The price is $18.95 per person.

You can also add breakfast to your stay when you check-in. The price is $18.95 per person.