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Our services are tailored for the modern traveller who crosses time zones the way others cross streets. No matter what time you arrive, enjoy 24-7 food and beverages at canteenM, superfast Wi-Fi, movies on demand, and much more.

ironing heaven

Take away all your wrinkle worries in our iron heaven, where you can flatten your shirts, ballgowns, and socks to perfection, or put a dangerously sharp crease in your pants. There's an ironing heaven on each floor. You’ll find an iron, water and ironing board in the ironing room. If you need any assistance, please ask an ambassador.

dry cleaning and laundry

While we do not offer laundry service on site, we do have a dedicated company which can help us arrange this for you. Please ask one of our ambassadors for more details.


There is no gym at this hotel, but you don’t have to give up on fitness (unless you prefer to run a movie marathon in your humongous bed).

Connect your Apple or Android device to our smart TV, and stream your favourite online workout with the help of our superfast free Wi-Fi. Or, find our special mobile citizen fitness videos – cardio, yoga, or dance – on the TV and the MoodPad.

If you have any trouble connecting, please dial 0 to reach an ambassador.

While we don't offer sport facilities at the hotel, there are two 24/7 Pure Gyms very close to the hotel, both with day passes: 

140 Bath Street just 5 minutes away
67 Hope Street just 10 minutes away

You can find more information on the Pure Gym website. Pump that iron!

luggage storage

We are pleased to offer free luggage storage for our guests on the day of arrival and departure. Ask an ambassador if you require this service.


Superfast, unlimited and free Wi-Fi is available to all our guests, in every corner of the hotel and in every bedroom. Enjoy!