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room details

You’ve come to the right place to learn more about our luxury filled rooms. 


What you’ll find in your beautifully designed citizenM room:

international electric plug outlet: US, UK, EU
king-size bed (1.8m x 2m size)
luxurious bed and bath linen
ambient lighting technology
designer furniture by Vitra
electronic window blinds
MoodPad room control
VoIP telephone rates
superfast free Wi-Fi
powerful rain shower
wall-to-wall window
full length mirror
mini refrigerator
blackout curtains
climate control
in-room safe


Technophiles and technophobes will love our innovative touchscreen MoodPad. With just a flick of a finger, the MoodPad lets you control the entire room: from TV, window blinds and temperature, to mood lighting, wake-up alarms and much more.


You might be able to swing one cat in the citizenM room, but perhaps not two. But do you really need a huge space when there’s a big new city out there to explore? We designed our compact rooms to use every inch of space beautifully, with all essentials the best they can be: a bed so large, you could get lost in it, a powerful rain shower with the best towels in the world, and all the superfast Wi-Fi you could ever need. Also, it’s really, really good looking!


The world’s a big, beautiful place – see more of it with our wall-to-wall windows. As we don’t want to spoil your visit with any unforeseen accidents, the wall-to-wall windows cannot be opened. We could write thousands of words about the Kuala Lumpur city view you get from our hotel, but it’s better if you book it and see for yourself. 


All rooms have fresh air circulating on a constant basis. You can adjust the temperature in your room using the MoodPad. Please allow up to 10 minutes to feel the difference, while our central ventilation system adjusts to your request.


No, we don’t have a separate bathroom, and yes, your shower and toilet are in the middle of the room. But don’t worry, the walls are made of frosted glass, so you won’t be giving anyone a free show. There’s also a curtain to divide the bathroom area from the bed, for more privacy.

coffee/tea/hot water

There are no kettles in our rooms, but that doesn’t mean we’ll leave you without any tea or coffee. We just don’t like serving our guests the pre-packaged instant stuff, when there’s a canteenM downstairs open 24/7 with proper world-class drinks (with charge). Our baristas will make your hot beverage anytime, just ask. We also have a limited amount of kettles on demand/request, just ask our ambassador.


citizenM Wi-Fi is superfast, unlimited and free, which means you can watch your own YouTube or Netflix on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Surf on the loo or in the shower if you want, but only if your phone is waterproof!