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The city’s best bits, explored by us.




Anouchka Blatnik
Creator, Jeweller & Designer
For art, design, architecture, decor, jewellery, travel and everything in between
Amor Vincit Omnia ~ Love Conquers All.

Creator, Jeweller, Designer, traveller, lover of culture in all shapes and forms. All This Inspired me to create vision of Splendor, a visual feast.

Creator and Editor of Vision of Splendor, a site dedicated to Art, design, architecture, decor, jewellery, travel and everything in between. Through this website, I wanted the readers to journey with me and be inspired, A Break from day to day life.

I began my “career” at very young age in Fashion and Retail followed then in Event Organizing, PR and Publishing based out of London and The UAE. One of my early projects was to set up Polo & Racing club in the hot desert sands of Abu Dhabi and bringing high end Polo tournaments into the country. The company was one the first of its kind to develop strong relationships in the luxury and sporting sector between Britain and in the UAE. Two countries who have an immense passion of horses and anything equestrian.


My skills and knowledge but also my love to learn new things were then transferred to jewellery one my biggest passions, were I had extensive training to then launch not only my own line based and produced out of Istanbul with two friends called Kiraz, but also launching and branding other peoples lines, notably the London based Mehbs Yaqub Design amongst others.

This led me to become a passionate discoverer, sourcing agent and Tastemaker for many other companies and private clients including working with the visionary online E -commerce sites Couturelab & Giftlab. Today, am enjoying sharing the things in life that I learnt and find inspiring. With an acute eye for original design, I bring a wealth of experience discovering talent, experiences and advice. Her other hobbies are Interior Design, Photography , Travel, Food, Wine and Spiritual Journey and always more learning.

I try to travel/ go some where once year if possible that I have never been to before, This May am going to Bhutan for the first time and I have been waiting all my life to do this. I love discovering new places, cultures, ideologies, way of life. I think it opens you up as human. 

I never had a ‘career” a word to puts a lot of pressure on people to fit in, I create my life as it comes a long, am realizing more and more that you have to remain flexible and allow yourself to evolve and change with flow of life.


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