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The city’s best bits, explored by us.




Bianca Samethini
Editor, copywriter
Everyone has a story to tell
She’s a dreamer, but she’s not the only one. Thank god. She smells the flowers ánd the coffee. And she drinks it too. Strong and bitter, the way she likes her chocolate. To her less in many ways truly is more, but its life’s exceptions in every way that inspire her most.

I’m an Amsterdam based, The Hague raised editor and copywriter. I’m almost always anxious about something or someone. To me home is where my heart ticks that extra beat and finds peace at the same time. It’s spread that way, my heart. It’s in The Hague, with the scent and the sound of the sea. It’s in Amsterdam with its boathouses, canals, opportunities and diversity. It’s in Aruba where the sun for ever kisses you and the constant breeze sooths you. And it’s in California where not only the drinks get refills, but my soul get’s one too. I’m an island girl living a city life.

I plan my escapes unexpectedly and never thoroughly. I like to go on adventures as much as I like to stay put and really look at what’s surrounding me. Just like adventure, inspiration is everywhere and sometimes nowhere to be found. I believe in love and in magic. It’s my Dutch Indonesian heritage. Not always visible to others, but present in my being. My roots have given me the ability to see things slightly different, to adjust easily and to live life passionately and with simplicity. I love discovering new things by chance. Little big secrets the city keeps that you just stumble across. Secrets I love to share with those who care. Music, theater, books, fashion, food, life and of course love. There are so many inspiring, passionate, creative and driven people. And everyone has a story to tell. It’s that story that I always desire to hear.


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