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The city’s best bits, explored by us.




Corey Souza
New York
citizenM Ambassador & Skateboarder
Moving from the smallest state to the big apple, well I guess you can call that progress.

Moving from the smallest state to one of the biggest cities in the world can prove to be, well challenging to say the least. However since a little boy i would visit my uncle and for weekends at a time and was slowly making myself a New Yorkers one bit at a time.

So many different people from so many different places around the world coming together to experience the true beauty in our lovely city. Ever since then, I knew that myself self to would be a world traveler, a mobile citizen. I have made my way through most of the west side of Europe now my future ventures will take me much further than that.

Growing up I always had a different idea of what I wanted to become when I got older. A firefighter, veterinarian, doctor, school teacher and my mind was filled with curiosity. My first job was in a small restaurant and I had automatically fell in love. I love getting to meet new people and share experiences with, and well what better place than the hospitality business. From there on I moved my way further into hospitality into this lovely little company called citizenM (maybe you heard of it). citizenM has steered me in the true direction that i would like to grow into. A genuine company that has true focus on the guest and their experiences rather than $$$.


On top of this career talk I found another profession that I have always wanted to progress in. I started skateboarding when I was 14 and i never stopped. I knew from then on that I wanted to become apart of its culture. No I do not mean that culture everyone assume, drugs, partying, and breaking the law. I mean having a awesome group of friends enjoying go skateboarding day on the first day of summer. The friends that have your back, crash at your house to watch skate videos all day, and of course always hooping it up with a spare deck when our board snaps. Who I have become and who I want to be might not always be the same. But who I am now is who i will be to you all, and I only hope to help you all that i can.

3 things if i was stuck on a deserted island: – unlimited supply of food – skateboard and tools to fix up ramps – family and friends to help keep me from going crazy


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