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The city’s best bits, explored by us.




Fiona White
Producer/Creative Consultant
Because I love my city
Life’s better when you’re laughing!

Throughout my career I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world meeting some incredible people along the way. But there’s definitely something pretty unique about us ‘Weegies’. It’s hard to quantify, but if asked to describe Glasgow and its people in one word, I’d have to say “Gallus”!

It’s an incredibly warm and friendly place but we’ve definitely got swagger.  It’s really just a big village, choc full of wonderful characters.  Humour is very important in this city.  We laugh a lot and everybody talks to everybody, whether you know them or not!  Like most Glaswegians, I love my city and could happily moonlight at the local tourist board.

If I absolutely had to live somewhere else, it would be by the sea.  Maybe Barcelona? But truthfully I’d rather be somewhere up the west coast of Scotland with its spectacular scenery, incredible beaches, (that’s no joke by the way) and the odd whisky distillery or two.   And did I mention how amazing the weather is here? It’s positively Mediterranean – for a few hours a year!  Actually, we often get four seasons in one day and it’s all the better for it. 

My perfect day in Glasgow would start with a brisk walk  (4 minutes - I’ve timed it!) through Kelvingrove Park, to Stravaigin my local bar where I’d have the best breakfast - Eggs Benedict and a couple of killer Bloody Marys. The afternoon would be spent rummaging around the brilliant ‘antiques’ stores in the West End followed by coffee and an ice cream ‘oyster’ at the University Café on Byers Road.  I’d then meet pals for an early dinner and drinks at Table 11 on the ‘Finnieston Strip’ and afterwards we’d all head off to my absolutely favourite place in the city – the iconic Barrowland Ballroom - to see a triple bill of The Proclaimers, Frank Sinatra and AC/DC – well, it is my perfect day after all!

My guilt pleasure is wasting hours of my life surfing interiors porn.  In another life I’d definitely have enjoyed being an interior designer . . .  or Beyonce. My main goal in life is to get a lot better at playing my ukelele and if I had to be stuck on a deserted island, I'd want to be stuck with anyone but Donald Trump! 


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