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The city’s best bits, explored by us.




Floor & Mike van der Giessen
Professional lens persona/shutterbugs, Orient med student (Floor), Tacking and tweaking anything that smokes on 2 wheels (Mike)
Memories last a lifetime
Everything is E.N.E.R.G.Y. Life is f*kkin' magic! Be grateful! Be present. Be you-be the best of you! Make memories. Make your own path. Life is a grand adventure. Miracles are waiting everywhere.

Floor has always been mad about photography and used to create fake holiday pics as a child, featuring family members. She studied silver photography techniques and art at the Stedelijk Instituut voor Sierkunsten en Ambachten in Antwerp and made a career out of it.

Then she started working with Mike, a music-mad handyman who spent hours on his computer creating soundtracks for fashion shows. Floor became interested in things digital, while Mike had a go at photography. Love did the rest.

Today the couple operates as a well-oiled creativity machine, with Floor behind the camera and Mike in front of the screen. Working as signature photographers for magazines and international brands. They are known for their celebrity portraits and sell their work of several galleries all over the globe.

Our interests are Tom waits, Pixies, C.W Stoneking, oriental medicine, classic mopeds/motorbikes, racing, art, tattoos, cinema, campfires, spin the bottle, teriyaki burgers, and corn on the cob.

You're most likely to find us next to each other in our city, an old-world citymass with a skeleton of picturesque canals and streets thriving on gogetters, diversity and orginality enjoying the unique blend of bikes, blooming flowers and pickled herring ofcourse. 

We're an expert in the topics we write about because we live it and if we had to live elsewhere, it would be out on the slab (Roadtrippin' urban nomad style) connecting, traveling, eating green beans with almonds, making a hit photo, and having a laugh. 

Every season inspires us and everything appeals to our inner artists. We love wasting time with people we love with drinking homemade moonshine.


If we had to chose a superpower it would be observing without judging because that's the highest form of intelligence and our dream job would be one that captures the Easyrider ethos - speed, the open road, long flowing hair, freedom. (Are there jobs like that?)

If we were stuck on a deserted island, we'd want to be stuck with each other, a vinyl player and yesteryear's vinyls. 

Ultimately we just want to keep it simple, fresh, and developed. 



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