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The city’s best bits, explored by us.




John Rush
citizenM Ambassador – Singer/Songwriter – Events Organiser - Artist
“One foot in the gutter, but the stars are my only aim”
“We are mostly like birds, not when we fly but when we sing. So sing, sing & sing again.”

So where shall I begin? Raised in a small town just outside Glasgow called Paisley. Home of the devilishly handsome and massively talented Paolo Nutini. I moved to Glasgow in the summer of 2014 to spread my wings a bit. Glasgow has always seemed as though it’s had a little more gravitational pull over me. I don’t know why this was but since moving I have had more things happen for me around the areas I wish to be involved in i.e. I write a lot more songs, I make a lot more art and I now put on a quarterly songwriters circle called The Circuit Sessions with my good friend and fellow contributor Steven Laird. I enjoy writing small articles on equally small thoughts I have and usually have my own childish/humorous way of putting points across.

My Dream is to move to New York one day I suppose; I love the randomness of the place. It definitely feels like anything can happen in that city and that is something I strive for. Every now and again I like my life to have a little shake up and if I lived there I can imagine something new would happen almost every day.

I enjoy wasting days sitting in the park just across the road from me, making shapes out the clouds and sometimes writing lyrics that I need for a melody I have just written. I suppose growing up is not on my mind and maybe should be but then I just go draw something and the thought disappears as if just like that. 


I know if I had a super power it would be to go back in time and maybe start again. Maybe grab that chance I never once upon a time or maybe I’d just do it all the exact same, for if I didn’t make the bad choices I did back then I wouldn’t be here on this path I am now and that wouldn’t make me a very happy person I can imagine? For as I write this I am under contract to write songs for a publishing company in Los Angeles, I co-organise a pretty successful night in Glasgow’s city centre and I also write articles for this wonderful magazine?? Could I be happier? Well yes, I could have been playing Wembley every night but alas that was not my path.

I suppose my new goal in life is just to be happy and comfortable, maybe open a little café and go to yoga of a morn. Or maybe I’ll write that track you pure love from that advert that sells that thingamabob you so, so need to have. Or maybe I’ll be a washed up lonely old man on a desert island with a big long father time beard. Sitting plucking away on my acoustic guitar, while listening to Revolver by the Beatles again and again till I go even more insane than I already am.

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