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Olivier Varrossieau
Curator / urban art connoisseur
My older brother, sister and I all grew up to become entrepreneurs in creative industries.
Street art is one of the biggest art movements ever in the world! Most works often have a message to the world.

I was born in the South of the Netherlands in Prinsenbeek, near Breda and close to Antwerp. I grew up in a creative family with my father being a top ten creative director at some of the best advertising agencies in The Netherlands, and my mother a very good landscaper who has made the most amazing gardens.

My brother Lodewijk Varossieau has a very cool advertising agency called Superrebel.com and my sister, Lisette Varossieau, is a very successful Intellectual property lawyer and I became an art dealer…

A message to the world

Street art is one of the biggest art movements ever in the world! Although some artists like to refer to urban contemporary as they aren’t actually making street pieces anymore, and don’t want to be seen as vandals. As they are making more and more contemporary art, you can always recognize where they are coming from by the use of their materials, whit, political engagement and criticism  They’re not just making some nice artwork on a canvas. Most works often have a message to the world.

Industrial Looking Gallery

Look for Art Gallery by Vroom & Varossieau. In 2009 my partner Isabelle Vroom and I started Look for Art online and on art fairs. Since 2012 we run one of the better art galleries dealing in photography and street art in the Netherlands. Right in the financial heart, in the South of Amsterdam at “de Zuidas” we have a very contemporary industrial looking gallery of about 300m2. Where we present street art and photography as well as design by Canoof and lighting by Lumilab.

Follow me and you’ll know where the love for these art forms come from. We love to feed you art…and place it in your home or office.


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