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Fashion is not dead


Fashion is not dead

Inspiration is all around. With nothing but their inspiration to guide them, our contributors will channel their inspiration into remarkable think pieces, giving you something different to look forward to every Monday morning.

What is fashion good for?  - Clicking red stiletto’s, black velvet pencil skirts, custom build cufflinks and dazzling lingerie. We all use clothing and accessories as a way to present ourselves. We go with the boa-flow, strap on our Louboutins or rock those sporty kicks at the club.


To some it’s insane, to others it’s a way of living. This summer, we wonder, what is fashion good for?

Fashion is not simply dictated by Anna Wintour. Even though teenagers all over the world have followed the Teen Vogue commandments for decades, this so called ’’trend-dictation’’ doesn’t necessarily come from the industry. It comes from cultural development and intricate subcultures. Things you can find on your travels, whether you go to Detroit or Deli, Ghana or Norway, the grocery store or the jeweller. Fashion is everywhere, and communicates the culture you are in at that time, at that moment and place.


Fashion and style are tools for adolescents, anarchists, vagabonds and kings to express themselves with the use of their physical appearance. Fashion can show or disguise your identity, it can be truly liberating.

Image by Tom Broadbent

Fashion is not dead