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The city’s best bits, explored by us.

Dear Vincent


Dear Vincent

Down a little hidden lane in the back streets of Glasgow’s vibrant and very inspiring west-end there lives a small boutique shop where the weird and wonderful play through the glass onion of Downside Lane. No more than a cobble stone through away from its infamous and older more confident brother Ashton Lane.

Whereas its counterpoint has a very flattering night life and has all its own teeth, Downside Lane is far more unashamedly gritty. And this is where the beautiful hidden gem Starry, Starry, Night Boutique est. 1986 no less resides.

citizenJohn says: get check them out, go buy something or spend an hour with your feet hanging out a fur coat for a bit. Within the space it is inhabited by 2 separate entities, Starry, Starry, Night (the weird and wonderful vintage shop where I acquired my very circa 1960s tweed jacket) and on the other side of the store we have Bethsy Gray Silver Jeweller; handmade beautifully crafted jewellery by a lovely woman who worked her trade in Denmark before heading for the sun scorched hills of Glasgow in the 1960s where she started making her on mark on the independent creative industries in the back of an old shop on great Western Road before finding residency in the cobbled Downside Lane the past 20 years.


I do believe this little beauty is one of Glasgow’s unsung heroes and being so close to Hillhead Subway Station there definitely in my eyes should be more of a song and dance about this and many more like it in Glasgow. I am a big fan of folk that just go do stuff, and even though I don’t always practice what I preach as much as I should…. These guys do it every day and with great results. So get check them out, go buy something or spend an hour with your feet hanging out a fur coat for a bit. Speak to the guys in these shops and enrich your soul with tales of yesteryear cause let me tell you; you’ll feel all the better for it.

Starry Starry Night Boutique

19 Dowanside Lane
G12 9BZ

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