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The city’s best bits, explored by us.

Forty Clothing


Forty Clothing

Pop-up -shop-turned-micro-boutique is how we’d describe this clothing shop with a very personal approach to apparel in Glasgow’s city centre.

Walking into ‘Forty Clothing’ I was intrigued to see what was housed in the cool shop that had an army print globe emblazoning the window. The welcome I receive contradicted my initial perception of this ‘hipster-esque’ retail/coffee shop. I expected ‘too cool for school’ service and I’m overjoyed to say that my prejudice was swallowed swiftly.


‘Greig’ the nephew of the owner was an outstanding ambassador for the brand he so passionately promotes with pride. He was extremely disarming when he approached with open arms welcoming us into what seems to be an old style taylor’s met with a very Shoreditch-style atmosphere, but with the personality of a Glaswegian. This combination made for a little haven of mine, so much so I was there for best part of an hour just chewing the fat with Greig and his Uncle, ‘Harry’ if you’re an acquaintance, ‘Pixie’ if you're a fan, and ‘Gordon’ if you're from Paisley.

Grieg, proudly urged his uncle to tell the story behind the brand’s logo, ‘The Forty Monster’. Harry went on, “Returning home late from work one night I noticed that my 3-year-old son, Bryce, had been drawing. One drawing in particular immediately caught my eye – the now recognisable face of the Forty Monster.”

“The more I looked at Bryce’s drawing, the more I knew I was looking at something special, and after posting it online, it seemed I wasn’t the only one. A good friend of mine – who happens to be a graphic designer – commented that the monster would look great on a t-shirt, and the seed was planted. We got together soon after, and Forty Clothing was born.”


He went on to express that the reason behind the logo was that you can find inspiration and beauty in anything, if you’re open to doing so. This concept resonated with me and I was hooked from here on out!

The whole feel of the shop was reminiscent of the micro boutiques you’d come across in Berlin where there is a tiny space utilised so perfectly to accommodate a few key items, and with the owner and designer present to talk over the pieces with. ‘FortyClothing’ on Royal Exchange square is the new flagship store for the brand after a few successful pop-up stores here in Glasgow and in Ibiza, yet their store, to me, capitulates that micro boutique feel I loved so much from my trip to Berlin.

I was captivated! Not only is there a warm family feel to the place, it’s a hub of local entrepreneurial-ship and creativity, this involves a collaboration with their other lifestyle business and partners; Sneakers ER, Safehands Barbers, and Paper Cup Coffee.


Where else can you go in, order in a custom, handmade Hancock jacket, have a coffee from another small independent company and also have your rather shabby looking adidas Hamburg’s revitalised in Glasgow’s city centre? Nowhere!

The customer experience is exactly that, an experience! You leave the shop feeling that you want to go back in! 

Good job boys! I’ll see you all on payday to pick up my jacket!

Forty Clothing


 11 Royal Exchange Square


G1 3AJ

Phone: 07450 261135


Images by Forty Clothing


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