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The city’s best bits, explored by us.

Sub Club


Sub Club

For any self sustaining citizenM urban traveller, the city of Glasgow has become a must see city. For nearly 30 years SubClub has been a triumph of musical ubiquity, unafraid to chisel out its own hard earned identity, in Glasgow, a city that for the last 25 years has worked fervently to develop its own.

Quite simply Sub Club is all about the music baby, depending on which day of the week you drop in will define which genre of electronic music you have the pleasure of listening to.

Glancing toward the Jamaica Street club, it would be easy to shrug indifference toward Sub Club's distinctly average outside facade. A few security guards, standing guard, over a stream of patiently waiting revelers, each idly waiting in a queue. But awaiting downstairs is the diamond in Glasgow, a UNESCO City of Music's underground crown.

citizenGregg says: a haven for the musically minded, Sub Club is welcome to all walks of society. There's nothing quite like Sub Club. 21st century Glasgow is a 24hr city, and she is as famous for her nightlife as she is for her day-life. Clubs open and shut in the Dear Green Place on a pretty regular basis, popularity is a fickle mistress, the cool kids flock to the opening of a new club, VIP's footballers and fashionistas create a “buzz” and the flock soon follow, but people's attention spans dilute, and as soon as a newer cooler hipper place opens 100 yards down the road, you can be sure the VIP's and fashionistas will simply migrate to the next “place to be”.


Sub Club is a different beast altogether, originally opening its doors in 1987, “the Subbie” as it's affectionately known to its loyal fanbase, now has the proud distinction of being recognised as the longest running underground dance club in the world. A title well earned.

A haven for the musically minded, Sub Club is welcome to all walks of society, even the hipsters can be found within its industrial walls, a sound system built specifically to allow you to feel the music as much as hearing, in Glasgow, there's only one place where the term “a wall of sound” quite literally means an entire wall of sound. Phil Spector the man responsible for birthing the concept of a wall of sound, would almost certainly approve.

There's no hierarchy in Sub Club, no VIP section, the only thing of the utmost importance in Sub Club is the music. Don't be surprised to find the headline DJ on the dancefloor or at the bar sharing a shot with the people who've paid to see them tear up the decks.


Harri and Dominik, Sub Club resident DJ's, have been at the helm since the early days and now boast the prestigious accolade of being responsible for the longest running weekly house music residence on the planet. A little factoid you can drop in any conversation when visiting Glasgow. Legends of the music industry Primal Scream played their first ever gig within Sub Club's hallowed walls.

With a capacity of 400, (which when you're in the midst is in unbelievably intense) and on most days tickets costing less than a tenner, it almost seems like a no-brainer, if you're visiting Glasgow and you fancy yourself musically minded, its got to be a trip to Sub Club.

It'll be a night you'll never forget. 

(P.S. In 2015 DJ Mag voted Sub Club “Best Small Club in Britain” and in 2009 it was voted 13th best club in the world.)

Sub Club Glasgow

22 Jamaica St
G1 4QD

Image courtesy of Sub Club

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