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The city’s best bits, explored by us.




Like opening up the page of a Hans Christian Anderson fairytale...

...I caught a chance glimpse of John with his tattoos and his immaculately groomed white goatee beard on a breezy sunny Glasgow afternoon, through the half open door of their beautiful miniature shop, sitting at his bench working, head bowed, tools in hand, like a still from a movie or a beautiful scene from a Dutch Vermeer.

Owner John Nicol’s denture skills have been called upon by people from all over the world, even the actor Colin Firth popped in to see the beloved “atelier” on a visit to Glasgow.

So trusted are his skills he has even been asked to create teeth for characters in television and film including Chewin’ the Fat and Pram Face, and both John and the shop are featured in one of  Glasgow’s Mercury Prize award winning bands Belle & Sebastian’s music videos.


Nestled deep in the heart of Glasgow’s West End the shop is a beautiful curiosity you wouldn’t think out of place on an Îsle Saint Louis cobbled Parisienne street. In through the little door, past the regency green wall adorned with old black and white framed photographs, past a life size paper mâché Oor Wullie, and a cluster of nostalgic memorabilia, down under the old brown leather skating boots and model wooden planes suspended from the sky, your eye rests finally, as your heart skips a beat, on the tiny laboratory at the back where John and his assistants sit, including his daughter, quietly going about the business of meticulously creating bespoke acrylic and porcelain ( virtually unbreakable ) works of art.

citizenJerry says: and while other dentists send their dentures away to be made, uniquely, customers can watch while their dentures are being designed. Speedy Denture Services is one of Glasgow’s longest running companies that specialises in building bespoke dentures that will provide ” the perfect fit and the highest quality” to ensure years of comfortable use. They also offer, intriguingly, custom made fangs and bespoke personalised joke teeth.

Established in 1973, the family run business, known locally as “Glamorous Geggies”, offers expertise and craft in cosmetic denture making with the greatest of care and attention to detail.

And while other dentists send their dentures away to be made, uniquely, customers can watch while their dentures are being designed. Glamourous Geggies only deal with dentures, which are made on the premises and customers are made welcome like old friends and can watch while their bespoke “porcelenas” are being meticulously crafted in the magical miniature laboratory and tell the dental technician exactly what they want ensuring the end result is precisely what suits you best.

Cosmetic Denture Design

150 Dumbarton Road

Image by Jerry Burns 

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