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The Duck and Rice


The Duck and Rice

I remember my first ever meal out with my Dad in Scotland. He took me for a ‘Chinese’.

As a curious and intrepid seven year old I chose the exotic ‘chicken curry’ option. Those cubes of chicken in a glow in the dark radioactive yellow sauce with giant slices of onion were an absolute delight to my innocent taste buds! Then there were the prawn crackers that stuck to my tongue like an alien face hugger. What more could a seven year old want? Like everyone else in our great nation I still love a basic Chinese chicken curry to this day.


citizenGareth says: as an added bonus they have a selection of craft ales to match with your meal. In London, thanks to Chinatown we are spoiled for choice for great authentic Chinese food. However, the menus with one thousand varieties of chicken feet can be overwhelming for the uninitiated. There is just too much choice for a mere chicken curry aficionado to filter through. So where does a grown up go to find a classy take on that basic Chinese meal that my seven year old self adored? A place where simplicity of choice and quality go hand in hand? The Duck and Rice in Soho is your answer.


Every dish is a Chinese/Malay inspired choice and manages to combine charm, elegance and fun so as not to take itself too seriously. The rice is light and fluffy, and anything with duck in it is sublime. Do you see what I did there? As an added bonus they have a selection of craft ales to match with your meal. You can even choose your own music to play via the restaurant wi-fi. The inner décor is a metallic jigsaw of eastern mysticism, while being strangely warm and welcoming at the same time. For a grown-up version of a Chinese takeaway in a sit-in restaurant, complete with grown-up beers, head to the Duck and Rice to satisfy your inner seven year old.

The Duck and Rice

90 Berwick St

Image courtesy of The Duck and Rice

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