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The city’s best bits, explored by us.

London fields


London fields

Medicine has advanced to the level where we can now potentially fix paralysis with stem cells, build replacement organs in 3D printers, and trick the immune system to cure deadly skin cancer.

Yet we still have a poor understanding of weight loss metabolism. There is growing evidence that sugar and carbs are the source of all evil, and that salvation lies in naked burgers. Zero carbs are incredibly effective for both weight loss and sucking the joy out of meal times. There has to be a better way. Luckily for us, the mad scientist club in California is not afraid to find better, zanier ways to lose weight.

The simple answer the science hippies are now putting forward is to combine cold thermogenesis with electromagnetic recharging of the batteries inside our cells. Or to put it another way, make yourself cold and get more natural light exposure. Experiments are underway with people wearing suits filled with ice packs, and getting rid of bulbs that emit artificial blue light. The advantage of being British is that you can take ridiculous ideas like these, apply them through a stiff-upper lip common sense filter and say, “Oi, just go for a swim outdoors matey!” to make yourself look like a genius.

Image by Hackney Council


citizenGareth says: there are few activities in a city that will leave you feeling more refreshed and recharged than a dip outdoors. Surprisingly, the metropolis has a number of beautiful outdoor swimming pools or lidos where you can do just that. London Fields has recently been refurbished and offers an incredible Olympic length pool. Even better news is that you don’t have to take the cold thermogenesis part too seriously – the water is heated. This means you can swim there all year round. There are few activities in a city that will leave you feeling more refreshed and recharged than a dip outdoors. Who knows, you may even lose weight in the bargain and be able to indulge in a burger of the non-naked variety guilt-free.


London Fields

London Fields West Side
London E8 3EU

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