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The city’s best bits, explored by us.

Mews of Mayfair


Mews of Mayfair

Artists and writers describe a feeling of trying to walk through mud, and struggling with all their might, when at the point of exhaustion and on the brink of giving up, an unwanted distraction materialises in front of them.

With annoyance they try to swat it away lest it tempt them away from their important creative work and slow them down further. The distraction is often unconnected to both their struggles and interests, but through mysterious forces it then triggers a flow of ideas that frees and pushes them downstream into an unstoppable ocean of inspiration.

Imagine you are caught in the bustle of central London shopping and searching in vain for a way out. Everywhere you look is more of the same – traffic, frantic shoppers and shops themselves. Most will settle for a quick coffee on the main road to recharge. Some curious or lucky souls may skip out to tie their shoelaces and wander down an alleyway near New Bond Street. There they will stumble upon a wonderful place rooted in the history of 19th century London and into a lost world of traffic-free calm and table service.

citizenGareth says: find your muse. Mews of Mayfair offers drinks, afternoon tea, food and cocktails in what used to be an alleyway in front of stables for horses, and the origin of the word ‘Mews’ itself. The bar and lounge are a delight, but let’s face it – a fancy cocktail will never compete with the simple pleasure of freedom and escape that sitting outdoors in the mews offers.


Mews of Mayfair

10 Lancashire Court
New Bond Street
London, W1S 1EY 

Images by Mews of Mayfair

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