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Sager + Wilde Is Better Than Your Own Wine Cellar


Sager + Wilde Is Better Than Your Own Wine Cellar

Sager + Wilde opened on Hackney Road, a five minute walk from my house, just over a year ago. Despite walking past it on almost a daily basis, I never quite managed to go inside, until a few weeks ago.

citizenLeanne says: If you’re into wine, regardless of your budget, go to Sager + Wilde. Grab a quick glass before continuing your evening elsewhere in Hackney or Shoreditch (like I did), or share a bottle and a charcuterie platter and spend the evening enjoying the warm atmosphere and some cheeky people watching. Go on a weekday to avoid the weekend crowds because it does get full.

Like so many of the other wine bars popping up across London, it solves a very London problem: having a strong liking to wine, while lacking the storage space to express this in the form of a wine fridge – never mind a wine cellar – but with the added bonus of friendly bar staff who actually know what they’re talking about, who leave me repeating to myself again and again that I must take a wine tasting course.

I might not have been that often yet, but I might just have to shift around some plans and become a regular. My final opinion on the place: I wished I hadn’t planned a dinner to go to afterwards.


Sager + Wilde

193 Hackney Road
E2 8JL London
open from 17:00 - 0:00

Images by Sager + Wilde

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