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Two Tips For Curry In London


Two Tips For Curry In London

If you’ve ever been to the east end of London, and wandered around the market on Brick Lane, you’ve undoubtedly hit the other half of Brick Lane, colloquially known to some as ‘Banglatown’ because of the large Bangladeshi-Sylheti community that resides there. Within minutes, you’ll have been accosted by several representatives of the curry houses, each decorated with banners stating their achievements: “Best Chef in 2007 & 2008”, “Second Runner Up Best Chef in 2010”, and so on.

citizenLeanne says: if these lofty statements are true, then picking one for your meal can get a little difficult. In order to help newcomers or visitors who I’ve often seen wandering between the two sides of the street in a slight state of confusion, I thought I’d make it easier and share the only two places my friends ever consider visiting when it’s curry time, neither of which are on Brick Lane.


The first is Tayyabs, a Punjabi restaurant, south of Whitechapel Street, which has been around for 40 years now. The 78-year old chef recently earned a lifetime achievement award–I didn’t know that was a thing either, but there you go.


Lahore Kebab House

The second is Lahore Kebab House, on 2 Umberston Street, around a ten-minute walk from the end of Brick Lane. While less slick, perhaps, than Tayyabs, it’s described on one website as somewhat of a ‘place of pilgrimage for curry lovers’. The same rules go for both: don’t let the somewhat basic website design put you off, queues are guaranteed so book ahead, be prepared to talk loudly since the crowds drive up the volume, and bring your drink of choice because it’s BYOB (although both do also serve drinks if you haven’t come prepared). And lamb chops, always go for the lamb chops.


83 Fieldgate Street
London E1 1JU United Kingdom

Lahore Kebab House
2-10 Umberston St
London E1 1PY
United Kingdom

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