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La Contenta


La Contenta

It has been a while since I have been out to play. When the city starts to get super hot, I like to shelter myself indoors with the AC on full blast.

But, from time to time when a friend is in town, you just have to get your lazy butt off the couch and conquer the blistering heat wave (why are the subways so goddamn hot?).

citizenHsini says: maybe I was hungry but the food was very, very delicious. A friend of ours organized a little get-together at his friend's bar 'La Contenta' in the lower east side. La Contenta serves up authentic Mexican cuisine with French accents and specialize in Agave-based cocktails and spirits. Having never heard of this place before, I was not very enthused. Just another neighborhood bar I thought. I demanded food to be served upon my arrival (as a half-joke) since I get super hungry after work and the only way to cheer me up is food. To my delight, my friend had some happy hour appetizers and drinks ready upon our arrival. Maybe I was hungry but the food was very, very delicious.

La contenta has one of the best guacamole I've ever had (The pomegranate toppings was recommended by the server.) When I was offered fish tacos, I cringed a little because I don't ever enjoy tacos but my hunger got the better of me and forced me to try and guess what? I devoured the whole thing.  Tempura sole with all the fresh garnishes made this taco so desirable we ordered more.

Image by La Contenta


When it was just suppose to be drinks first and then dinner somewhere else, we ended up staying for more food. We tried a grilled cactus pad salad, olive tapenade infused goat cheese and Monterey jack fondue, shrimp enchiladas and more fish tacos. Many drinks to pair with that too. I'd suggest asking the bartenders to serve something special and they'll be sure to please your palette with their customized drinks.

Image by citizenHsini


La Contenta

102 Norfolk St
New York
NY 10002

Header image by La Contenta

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