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Graffiti Art of Shoredtich

Even if you think you’ve seen it all, you’d be wrong and you’ll have to be quick if you want to catch a glimpse of anything specific, as they can disappear pretty quickly.

Of course, the work of street art royalty like Banksy and DFace have put the area firmly on the map, but there are plenty of truly inspiring pieces from the not-so-well-known too. If you’re looking for something a little different to fill your time on a Saturday afternoon, taking a tour of the graffiti dotted around Shoreditch will certainly not disappoint.

We’re big lovers of the street art revolution, so here’s our guide of where to find the best pieces in East London’s favourite concrete canvas:

citizenM Shoreditch

Outside citizenM Shoreditch is a much-loved wall that changes all the time, always brightening our day. From colourful motivational messages to super cool creations, it’s a spot that’s definitely worth checking out for a guaranteed new surprise.

Space Invader

Just 3 minutes away from citizenM Shoreditch is the famous Space Invader that’s featured in the Banksy film Exit Through the Gift Shop. Its unique pixelated look is a result of the tiling technique used to create it, looking just like the aliens in the original arcade game.

To find it:

  • Head west on Holywell Lane towards King John Court

  • Take a slight right onto Great Eastern Street

  • Turn right onto Curtain Road

Rivington Street

You have to take a trip down Rivington Street. Head towards Cargo Club to see some famous graffiti gems. You’ll find Ben Eine’s ‘Scary’ in the archways of the tunnel, Banksy’s ‘This is a Designated Graffiti Area’ and Thierry Noir specials in the courtyard of the club, don’t forget to nip in for a coffee and a slice of cake while you’re there too.

Just a 6-minute walk away from the Shoreditch citizenM:

  • Head west on Holywell Lane towards King John Court

  • Take a slight right on to Great Eastern Street

  • Turn right onto Curtain Road

  • Take a left onto Rivington Street

Great Eastern Street

You’ll have definitely seen many Instagram posts of the ‘Let’s Adore and Endure Each Other’ graffiti covered trains which sit looking over Shoreditch. To find the famous street art it in the flesh, head towards the Village Underground, you can’t miss it if you leave citizenM Shoreditch and head west on Holywell Lane.

Gregos Street Art

Dotted around Shoreditch you’ll spot the instantly recognisable (sometimes admittedly slightly creepy) masks of Parisian street artist Gregos poking out from the walls. There’s one on Shoreditch High Street and two along Curtain Road, see if you can hunt them down!

Once you’ve found the above, Google Map these other Shoreditch graffiti hotspots to make sure you don’t miss any of the best street art that’s tucked away:

Princelet Street - where you’ll find Stik

Heneage Street - for Lewis Campbell’s famous Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil and See No Evil masterpiece

Fashion Street- here expect to stumble across the iconic man holding child painting in drip paint

Expect to find surprises around every corner, and keep your eyes peeled for the best-hidden artworks. You’ll have to be quick to catch some of them though, as some are only around for a few days before they’re painted over and replaced. Instagram snap your faves as there’s no guaranteeing they’ll be there tomorrow.

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