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citizenM says: even the hotel of the future has to start somewhere

Another world is possible

citizenM is a new breed of international hotel founded on the simple idea of offering affordable luxury to the new generation of modern travellers, the mobile citizens of the world (smart, good looking people like you).

The first of its kind, citizenM is a truly transformational hotel because it offers the modern traveller the things they actually want for free, like free wi-fi and movies, super comfy XL sized beds, jet lag killing rain style showers, super speedy self-service check in, a canteen and bar serving food and drinks 24hrs and luxurious living room style lobbies. And none of the things they don’t want like trouser presses, bellboys, pillow chocolates and terrible towel swans.

This non-conformist attitude is reflected in the people who stay there. The suits, weekenders, explorers,
affair-havers and fashion-grabbers. Those who travel with an open mind and an eye for affordable luxury and true value. Those who know exactly what they want from a hotel and what they don’t want from a bad one.

citizenM is the smart choice of the modern traveler offering a much deeper experience than the traditional 4 or 5 star hotel, and much nicer, plumper cushions too.