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citizenM Glasgow hotel Reviews


#10 of 96 hotels in Glasgow
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Reviewed 1 day and 7 hours ago
Exeter, United Kingdom

“An unimposing black blob outside. A million pretty red butterflies inside.”

Within three seconds of entering the hotel I was thinking:
"Wow!...one hellava dare-to-be-different smart alec designed this hotel."

The exterior facade of this unimposing black blob is unimposing and the hotel is located on the periphery of the architecturally sublime city centre...however on entering it comes alive, like a million red butterflies fluttering to and fro amongst a humorous wild decor of modernity and hopelsss useless tat, and one is also immediately confronted by its whimsical, nerdy, in your face techno mood iPads, one expects R2D2to welcome you - and perhaps this is its trademark appeal.

Noticeable contradictions abound: my room is small but the bed massive; the shower-toilet frosted glass capsule with its back lit faded pink polycarbonate ceiling adds to it's out of this world appeal ...but small though it is the rain shower a sublime treat; the double glazed window is large and fixed but the air conditioning quiet and efficient; few staff seem to be around but within minutes my TV movie that was stuck on 'Sully' (the pilot who landed on the Hudson) was reset; dial '0' for in-house 'ambassador' and I'm instantly told where I can use a free Apple Mac to print my boarding ticket for an ongoing flight.
My room is spotlessly clean and in the nicest possible way being sized challenged and having a thing for primary red would be an advantage.
The room conjured up the very highest quality in Uni accommodation or for eastern seasoned traveler perhaps a modern Japanese high class geisha pad...but don't let that put you off, size is not everything. I'm 62, fat and rather boring so CitizenM may not be catering for the likes of me..in fact it's probably not catering for five star clientele at all, or budget backpackers or even the likes of aspiring conservative middle class dentists with a silver painted Land Rovers..no, it's suited for a trendy, clean, neat, compact, reasonably well-heeled, knowledgeable, open minded, techno, vibrant couple who enjoy making love on massive beds, while mini-padding clicking a movie & dimmer switch all at the same time - an that's not a criticism for it's a whole lot better than the musty, expensive Grand Central Hotel down the road with yesteryears boring Axminster carpet, average sized divan bed and white bath where I stayed last year that evoked, at least for for me, a pre-Twiggy & Sir Cliff atmosphere by default rather than by intention ...indeed I was told that Ol' Blue Eyes himself actually stayed there; well times have moved on. Not that CitizenM couldn't attract Johnny Rotten but on a push could even pull Bruno Mars.

Adjacent the entrance foyer is a large comfy seating area with tables, sofas and mini-shop for snacks that compensates for the small bedrooms. It's worth reading the CitizenM' "useful guide book" and web stuff too, as for example, breakfast is twice as cheap if booked the day before.

While spotlessly clean in the public areas there's definitely a lot of interesting and semi interesting tat on shelves and floor areas, and while the furnishings are not five star they are comfy with a home from home feel about them.

All in all, a well above average experience in the world of hotel comfort, service and fun use of technology.

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Reviewed 1 day and 11 hours ago
Tracey D

“Overnight stay”

Ace hotel very friendly staff rooms clean and fresh and very funky breakfast plentiful with plenty choice hotel lounge very quirky great central location to both bus station and train station and shops all very close

Reviewed 1 day and 13 hours ago
Aberdeen, United Kingdom

“Quirky hotel!”

I had stayed in this hotel previously and it's a nice quirky place to stay for a night. The rooms are a little tight but the space is used well. The bed is essentially a wall to wall king size mattress and great for lazing about.

The iPad in each room controls most of the functions in the room (TV, heating, colour of lighting, blinds etc). The TV has a decent selection of on demand tv programmes and films. A great hotel if you want to chill out and watch tv etc. Probably not much point staying here if you need something with plenty of space or for a longer stay perhaps - or if you don't plan to spend much time in the hotel room. I could only really envisage young people/couples staying here and enjoying it.

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Reviewed 2 days and 22 hours ago
Paisley, United Kingdom

“Great hotel for a couple”

We went to the hotel as my girlfriend wanted to go for a few months........we went in and there was a repetitive banging on the ceiling about 9ish, we went out for a movie came back about 11.30 and Mo Farah was still busy in the room above.

The rooms are great and so much fun staying in this hotel.

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Reviewed 3 days and 19 hours ago
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“Trendy urban hotel”

This is a very trendy style urban hotel that had good service and a comfortable stay. The rooms are small (as European rooms usually are compared to American), but adequate and had a cool lighting scheme that could be changed from the iPad on the nightstand.

The lobby was nice and the breakfast/bar area was great for meeting up with friends. There is no parking on site, so you have to park at a garage a few blocks away and walk.

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Reviewed 4 days and 2 hours ago
Fife, United Kingdom

“Upbeat & amazing”

I have now been to citizenM twice now, and it hasn't failed me. I love how funky this place is, very clean rooms, I love how you get offered a free drink with each stay, Couldn't say about the food as both times I have been here I tend to eat out as there is so much places to go for food, I would defiantly be booking this again.

The staff are very helpful and friendly, nothing bothers them.
The rooms are small, but still a pretty good size for a party of two, The shower is amazing and I also love that they have free movies you can watch.

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Reviewed 6 days and 12 hours ago
Glasgow, United Kingdom


I loved my stay here in the CitizenM hotel, the staff was courteous & lovely, the room was great had everything we asked from them, I would come stay again in a heartbeat, thank you again for this wonder stay

Reviewed 6 days and 12 hours ago
Rove CityCentre H
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“CitizenM Glasgow, you nailed it!”

Coming from a recent and great stay at CitizenM Tower of London, I didn't expect at all you guys to top up that Awesome experience! The location is great as always. The team are really making a huge difference; very very very friendly :-) "Know it all" Grant has all the information I need about Glasgow.

I loved the city and its people. The living rooms were extremely spacious with daylight. My boss even said that my productivity has increased a lot while working from CitizinM's living room. Indeed, a fuss-free and very relaxing work environment. Will come back again for sure.

Keep it up, folks!


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