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citizenM Paris Gare de Lyon Hotel Reviews


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Reviewed 1 day ago
Santa Barbara, California

“You will not regret it! Love CitizenM Gare de Lyon!”

For travelers who like to read reviews before booking and just skip to the main points:

-Great location; Gare de Lyon is across the street- perfect to commute around the city.
-Rooms are fan-fckng-tastic [Fantastique, if you’re not big on swearing like a sailor].

BIG beds, comfy duvet, mood lights to fit your current ~v i b e s~ , TV to keep you company when you’re not even watching it. Pouring rain to cleanse your soul at your heart’s content. What more can you ask for in life? Chill. *Even a bonus if you’re a minimalist because you got all that you need!*
-Free movies + Free Wi-Fi + Comfy room = every ambivert’s dream come true!
-Nice staff but if you’re a judgy traveler and overall ugly in the inside, know that people are human. So, be nice everywhere you go!
- CloudM Bar on the 16th floor is a must when you’ve checked in AND checking out.
-Breakfast buffet is great; expensive to some but I don’t care- it’s about the convenience. Start your day off by not going ‘hangry’ - hungry/angry- and all should be well for you!
-Oh, forgot your adapters? It’s okay, CitizenM got your back. There’s an international outlet [EU, UK and US] available in your room. Orrrr you could just get one at Monoprix if you seriously need one for a different trip elsewhere.
-If you are paranoid about getting mugged around Gare de Lyon or anywhere else before this trip-- don’t. It’s fun and safe. Just be street smart. There’s a few guys by the bridge dressed in black that hangs around at night but don’t let that stop you.

*TIP-- If you do stay here, take a moment to check out La Felicità if you love italian food! Such a great ambience!

So, what are you waiting for? Book your trip and enjoy life!


Now...For my own personal experience about CitizenM. It’s gonna be a novel because I got nothing but love for CitizenM. I’ve booked my stay from Sept 24 to Oct 3rd, 2018. Forgive me for this late review as life and being jet lag was harassing me.

For this trip, I’ve decided to book my hotel by arrondissement based on my activities [concerts, food, etc]. I have a favorite boutique hotel that I love but I think this hotel just secretly became my new lover. I don’t ever regret booking this hotel because they had me at mood lights and as a tech nerd, I gravitate to that faster than the speed of light! After booking my trip, I got a message from Alexander about my pre-fun arrangements. In that moment, I knew this trip was gonna be epic.

Celebrating my 30th birthday in Paris on a solo trip and occasionally seeing my relatives here and there. CitizenM was a part of that journey by seducing me with their flaky, buttery, mouth-watering croissants and lattes. I laughed so hard when people order an americano-- not the point, but if you do decide to add breakfast buffet to your trip, come around 6h00-7h30, if you want to avoid busy crowds and get first dibs on croissants.

Upon arrival, I had a smooth check-in cause I’ve checked in the day before. All I had to do was scan my QR code and viola- my room awaits! Entering my room, I was surprised with treats, birthday card and balloons on my bed. It was amazingly sweet! I want to thank you all for that nice touch. I appreciate the tiny details. Yes, those balloons were my sleeping companion for the entire trip. Comfy bed with amazing views of the bloody orange skies melting across the city! You got me falling in love every day. My only regret is not booking for a longer stay because on the day of my check-out, I found out My Chemical Brothers was gonna play 5 minutes away! Is 3 months stay possible at CitizenM? You got me loving this place so much that I’m moving to Paris next year.

CloudM bar has such a nice atmosphere. The room is filled with murmurs of other travelers while being surrounded by the beautiful skyline of the city. My first and favorite drink there is ‘Up in the Clouds’. Soo good and strong! I don’t want to try anything else after that. It’s definitely a MUST try.

What I love about this hotel is the art installation when you first step into the building. The hotel entrance is low-key that it’s easy to walk by if you don’t know where you’re going. From the check in/out room and towards the canteen has such a nice vibe all around. Great interior, guys. I feel bad for not spending more time in the living spaces/canteen [that’s what happens when your room is seriously comfortable] but when I did, I enjoy the music playlist very much! Disco/funky music all the way, baby!

Most importantly, lets talk about the marketing. Whoever is responsible for those witty paragraphs on the soap/shampoo container is a genius! I find myself completely amused reading anything in that room [pens, mini notebook, floor mat, hairdryer-- just all] and every signs throughout the hotel. Just clever, bravo! Too bad, I couldn’t buy the shower gels at this location. I’m a creature that appreciate the small details. In fact, before booking this hotel, I’ve reviewed 10+ pages deep into cyber space and came across one posh/rude review but the way CitizenM replied to that review...... made me laugh so much that I couldn’t press the booking button fast enough! 

In general, most hotel reviews complain about “small rooms” in paris but it’s like how much room do you need on a trip? Seriously, if you want “big rooms”, expect to fork up some serious cheddar elsewhere. Also, I was enjoying a glass of red wine when I overheard a guy complaining to the staff about seeing a mice running around. Haven’t you seen Ratatouille? Give the mice a break-- we are in the city after all! It’s not their fault those buttery croissants are irresistible. I’m getting off topic--anyways!

The team at citizenM were all so lovely-- even the ones that I haven't met yet. Shout out to the shy ones in the hallways and in the elevator. I wish I could name them all but who I remember the most was Ben, probably because he was the first person I saw in the morning with a nice smile and spoke amazing english! Yet, here I am with my basic elementary french skills. I believe he was the only one quick enough to wish me a good evening on the most important day of my life. I was rushing out to go see Breakbot live at La Salle Wagram. Thanks to their free Wi-Fi, I was able to snagged two tickets to a sold-out concert and had the most memorable night ever! It was absolutely magical!!! Now, only if Roche-musique will have a tour in paris around my birthday...would be magical. Also, I can’t remember her name but she makes amazing latte/cappuccino. It’s just perfect. Cheers to all the bartenders that made my ‘Up in the Cloud’ drink [and other strong ones] and remembered my face a few days later. Just all of you, seriously, you guys are all perfect and amazing in every way even if I’m introverted AF.

Overall, I recommend this hotel to all my friends and strangers. My experience here was so spectacular that I want to spend all of my birthdays in Paris from now on. When I’m in town, I’ll definitely book here again. I kinda wish CitizenM would just have their own airline and shuttle service--please make it happen! I will book you for all my future trips. Right now, I’m looking at you, CitizenM London.

Bisous, CitizenM Gare de Lyon!
À l’année prochaine!

Cartier x

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Reviewed 1 day and 16 hours ago
Florence D

“To expensive this time”

Nice an quiet. Perfect bed (soft and comfy). Nice view from the bed. Perfect breakfast.I like this hotel but it was too expensive this time (200€ for 14 m2). I might have to look for another one. A pity.

Reviewed 2 days and 8 hours ago

“CitizenM - Paris this time.”

Wonderful staff on arrival and departure. Great location and usual outstanding array of amenities both within the room and in the other cleverly designed spaces. Great food in the canteen and imaginative cocktails in the stunning 16th floor bar.

Reviewed 2 days and 14 hours ago
Liverpool, United Kingdom

“Cheap city option”

Close to the train station. Not in the most central area but easy to get to anywhere. However less touristy area and some great restaurants and bars very close by and wonderful areas within walking distance.

Basic and small but clean and modern rooms. Very comfortable bed and helpful staff. Free water replaced each day. Good reasonably priced Paris hotel

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Reviewed 3 days and 2 hours ago
Washington DC, District of Columbia

“mr derege zewdie”

me and my wife came for our 10 years anniversary and we had a great time the only thing is the room was a little bit too small and there was no shampoo in the bathroom other than that it's very convenient all the stuff was great as well thank you

Reviewed 3 days and 16 hours ago


It's a comfort hotel at suburb of Paris. The staff are so kindly. The room always be recleaned by the room boy. So clean, comfortable, & simple. The minus are far from center of city, the breakfast menu are always same in everyday, & hard to find dinner near by this hotel.

Sangat terasa keramahan a la Parisnya. Good.

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Reviewed 3 days and 22 hours ago

“Modern Luxury”

Really enjoyed our stay at citizenM. The location was great for a quick weekend trip into the city, and tit was right by Gare de Lyon, which made it easy to travel to CDG. My only complaints would be 1) sometimes the control on the lights/TV volume on the smart room tablet were a bit finnicky, and 2) I don't think the amount we paid was worth what we got (+E200/night), but we also only booked the hotel about 4 days in advance (so really, it was a lifesaver!).

Would definitely stay here again and would also recommend to friends.

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Reviewed 4 days ago
Seattle, Washington

“Great location, super staff, loved the rooms”

This is a terrific place for exploring the left bank of Paris and other sites around the Gare de Lyon, steps from the saying river, this location is really easy to get to. Staff are very friendly and willing to help when the automated check-in doesn’t work as anticipated.

The rooms are quite small, but designed with great attention to detail. Many of the rum amenities are controlled by the iPad that is found in every room. The only problem is, when the iPad fails, it is hard to do things like turn on the television set. But the staff comes through and is more than happy to help. I ate breakfast here on my first day in Paris On this trip, and I thought the food to be fresh delicious and, again, the staff to be really friendly. Don’t be turned off by the somewhat wild, maybe anime inspired decor of the lobby and public areas; this is a great place to use as a base from which to explore Paris. After staying here, I will definitely explore staying at another CitizenM in one of the many other large cities of the world where these hotels can be found.

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