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coronavirus information

Everything you need to know about your safety and our house rules.

Can I bring family and friends?

Yes, you may bring friends, family and colleagues to the hotel. Masks are required to be worn by everyone while inside our hotel.

Can I store luggage at the hotel?

We are happy to keep your luggage safe and secure (for free!) on the day of your arrival and departure, as long as storage space is available. Please ask an ambassador if storage is possible.

Can I receive mail and packages at the hotel ?

We do accept packages at the hotel, but guest name and citizenM reservation number must match with an existing booking. Please make sure both are on the parcel. If a reservation was made not through the citizenM website or app, but with a third party (for example, Expedia or, then the name on the parcel must match the guest name on the reservation. If it does not, we will not be able to identify the recipient and the parcel may be returned to sender.

Can I book a room ?

Yes, you can book a room, our hotels are open. Click here to make a reservation.

How can I access the hotel?

Our hotels are open, but the doors may be locked at night (or in exceptional circumstances). In that case, hotel guests enter by scanning their room key card. New arrivals use the intercom to reach the hotel team.

Is the hotel living room open during my stay?

Yes! Our living room is open as usual to all hotel guests for work, rest and play. Please observe the local social distancing rules while they are still in place.

Do you serve lunch/dinner/drinks?

Our food and beverage service is available.
Our lunch and dinner menu is available on demand at the canteenM as usual.

Can I have food delivered to the hotel?

Yes, you may have food delivered to the hotel. If you'd like a recommendation for something great, please feel free to ask our ambassadors.

Do you serve breakfast?

For the health and safety of all citizens, we serve a delicious continental breakfast on a tray (with our famous pastries and coffee, of course).

HOW can I order lunch/dinner/drinks?

You can browse our food and drink menus by scanning the QR code in canteenM, or simply by asking an ambassador for a copy. Please order at the bar once you select your items.

What is citizenM doing to keep me safe?

We want you to feel safe at any citizenM hotel you visit. Our cleaning routine was already world-class – now, it’s beyond amazing. Click here to find out what actions we’re taking for your travel safety and hygiene. Download our free app to make your stay contactless!

What protective equipment is the hotel staff wearing?

Our hotel teams are wearing face masks at all times. Employees who handle food also wear gloves.

Do I have to wear a mask at the hotel ?

All guests and visitors are required to wear face masks in the public areas of the hotel.

I cannot come because of COVID-19, can I cancel my booking free of charge ?

If you booked your stay directly with citizenM, this news is for you! Free cancellations are now available on most reservations with stay dates up to August 31st, 2021. You can usually cancel or change by 2.00 PM on arrival day, but there are a few exceptions. The policy for each rate is clearly shown while you book, so you can't miss it. You can also check it anytime via our free app, or on our website under 'my booking' link. 

You can cancel your reservation yourself through

If you have booked through an external agent, such as or Expedia, you will need to cancel the reservation on the website or travel agent you used to make the reservation. You'll find their contact details in your reservation confirmation email.

If you prepaid your booking with Expedia, you can request a refund from them directly by clicking this link.

If you booked with, please reach their customer support by clicking this link.



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