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Schiphol Airport hotel

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4 mins from Arrivals 4


20 mins train to Amsterdam Centraal


Dutch Masters art at Schiphol

4-minute walk from Schiphol Airport


minutes by train to Amsterdam Centraal


citizenM Schiphol Airport hotel

Jan Plezierweg 2
1118 BB Amsterdam


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living room filled with art and Vitra Furniture

sit on stylish design

A living room in a hotel? Why not? We want you to feel at home, even if your home is 5,000 miles away. The entire ground floor of the citizenM Schiphol Aiport hotel is yours for relaxing, eating, surfing the superfast Wi-Fi, sipping a cocktail, working and even meeting friends. You can even get a little high-brow if you like – there's art and books galore. 


eat and drink 24/7

If your jetlag is telling you it's lunchtime at 4.00 AM, who are we to argue? Our canteenM is open 24/7 – the cosy kitchen where the coffee is always brewing, the pastries are always flaky and the sandwiches are always tempting. And when it's really breakfast time (according to Dutch clocks), dig into our fresh continental breakfast of delicious local favourites – our famous flaky pastries and amazing hot coffee included, of course. Eet smakelijk!

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societyM meeting rooms
societyM meeting rooms

business nomads welcome

When your ideas are too big for a piece of paper, and your brain needs more stimulation than a boring beige boardroom could ever provide, there's just one thing to do – book a societyM creative meeting space at citizenM Schiphol Airport! Six meeting rooms for up to 14 high-altitude thinkers are easy to book online in only 5 steps – for AM, PM and all-day busy bees.