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Zurich hotel

citizenM Zurich - living room
citizenM Zurich - guest room
citizenM Zurich - breakfast
citizenM Zurich - societyM meeting room
citizenM Zurich - living room


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citizenM Zurich hotel has landed in Old Town. You have also landed in Zurich – for business or fun. What a happy coincidence! Walk straight from breakfast to meeting, sailing, fondue eating or shopping – it's all nearby.

food & drink

24/7 canteenM

work & play

designer living room

meet in style

5 societyM meeting rooms

in your room

superfast free Wi-Fi
free movies
widescreen TV
XL king-size bed
fluffy pillows
power shower
AM & PM shower gels
blackout blinds

pilot your room

Don't get out of bed for ANYTHING... not even to turn on the lights. Use the app or the MoodPad to get the room ambiance just right, with only a swipe of your finger.

  • adjust lights & blinds
  • browse TV channels
  • control temperature