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about us

citizenM is a hotel driven by one desire: to create affordable luxury for the people.

By ‘the people’ we mean a new breed of smart, international travelers, the types who cross continents the way others cross streets. This includes the weekenders, the suits, the fashionistas and lovers. The explorers, adventurers and dreamers. Those who travel the world with big hearts and wide eyes. Those who are independent, yet united by a love of the seven continents. Those in search of business, shopping or art. In short, everyone who is a mobile citizen of the world. Most likely, that also means you.

meet citizenM

we are different

We don't think it's important you have industry knowledge and experience. We value passion, personality and a can-do attitude. We love diversity, and we give everyone the opportunity to learn, develop and grow as professionals and individuals. We see no difference in gender, religion, ethnicity, orientation or age.

friendly and open

Personal, good-humoured, warm, friendly, open - that's the way citizenM likes to behave and communicate. We speak multiple languages, and we love cultural diversity. We are interested in people, we pay attention to their needs, and impress them with good manners, respect and understanding. Of course, we are looking stylish while doing it all.

interact with others

citizenM loves to interact with others as an active member of the community online and offline. We are good neighbours, and we show respect to every city we enter - especially with our hotel decor. We like to make everyone feel at ease.

efficient and energetic

citizenM hates wasting time (our own and our guests'). We have a passion for technology, and we use it to make our guests' experience amazing - for example, we eliminated queues to reception by introducing one-minute self check-in kiosks. If it can be done better, faster, more efficiently, we will do it.

flexibility and multi-tasking

Same thing, day after day after day? Not at citizenM! There's never a dull moment in our hotels, and our ambassadors often jump from one task to another. At citizenM, it's not impossible to start the day laying out breakfast, then welcome guests at the check-in kiosks, then mix up some lunchtime cocktails, and help citizens in a business meeting connect to the other side of the world. Nobody at citizenM stands behind the reception desk or the bar all day long.

learn and grow

Traditional corporate organisations are't always inspirational or helpful in career progression. We like to take a different approach at citizenM. We banned boredom by teaching our ambassadors everything, which turns them into champion multitaskers. This lays an excellent foundation for career growth at citizenM, or in the wider hospitality industry. We encourage ambition, we welcome ideas, and we give our people many opportunities to learn and grow.


In today's world, things get old and slow really fast - like technology, the news, and old ways of thinking. Staying up to date is very important at citizenM. We review our technology, marketing and menus regularly. We even reprint new city guides twice a year, to make sure all guests know all the hottest spots wherever there is a citizenM.

art and modern design

We like to say that art and design are as important to us as fluffy pillows. That's why you won't find a blank wall at any citizenM hotel. We commission local and international artists to decorate every citizenM hotel with contemporary, thought-provoking, eye-catching art. Our guests don't always have time to visit a local gallery. It's ok - we bring the art to them.


Above all, citizenM loves to make the world smile. That means our guests, our ambassadors, and you.