follow your dreams, not service scripts

make the world feel at home

We are who we are because of our people, who make the world feel at home from Amsterdam to Taipei. Our ambassadors are hired to be 100% themselves. Skills we can teach; personalities not so much. Do you get energy from making others smile? This might be the place for you!

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how we hire

Like any star, our ambassadors are cast rather than interviewed. Casting Days bring together a diverse group of people for an energetic workshop in which we share stories, do assignments and collaborate with one another. We are looking for people who match our values and are naturally caring.

what's it like?

let your talent travel
let your talent travel

choose your own journey

Careers at citizenM are more like climbing walls and less like corporate ladders. We help you on your journey -- vertical, horizontal, exploratory (or a combo of all three) -- but you own your own career path.

In 2021, 91 employees moved to a new position in our company, from hotels to the office, to different departments and across oceans.

togetherness, parties, connection
togetherness, parties, connection

good times

We want you to feel supported. When we open a new hotel, we fly in a star team to help out and even have them take over, while you enjoy the opening party with your new colleagues. The same goes for our yearly team events!

The togetherness you’ll feel at the hotel is amazing. And because all hotels have the same values and systems, you can work in different cities, states and countries no problemo! The world is your home, with fellow ambassadors to welcome you.


of ambassadors who joined our leadership programme upskilled to new positions