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to all those who disrupt the boring

life at our offices

The world of hospitality is changing. No more standard scripts or experiences. Let’s be surprising, connecting, touching and real. Let’s collaborate and innovate. Most importantly, let’s have fun while doing it!

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freedom within a framework

Work from home and never see your colleagues? Forced back to the office 5 days a week like it’s 2019? Neither of those sounds like a good time to us - so we have ‘freedom within a framework.’ With a green light from your team and good wifi, everything mentioned on the right is possible.

parties, pastries and Portugal
parties, pastries and Portugal

good times

Work is serious business, but it’s also fun. Think: ping pong and football tournaments, team outings in F1 simulators, museum experiences, coffee and cocktail barbeques, and special award ceremonies. When we celebrate, we make sure it’s not just another office party. Trust us, you won’t get bored.

let your talent travel
let your talent travel

choose your own journey

Careers at citizenM are more like climbing walls and less like corporate ladders. We help you on your journey – vertical, horizontal, exploratory (or a combo of all three) – but you own your own career path.

In 2021, 91 employees moved to a new position in our company, from hotels to the office, to different departments and across oceans.

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