a vertical love letter

MoSA is a love letter to The Bowery and the Lower East Side.

The Museum of Street Art (MoSA) celebrates the reunion of artists, their creativity and their craft, while resurrecting a significant and beloved New York graffiti landmark. It shows that while the original 5 Pointz site is lost forever, the spirit is still alive and kicking. 20 graffiti artists collaborated in the painting of the staircase, while a videographer documented it all.

Experience MoSA at the citizenM New York Bowery.

(Photography Credits: Rae Maxwell for MoSA. The New York Times: Header Image )

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about 5 Pointz

The original 5 Pointz site was a museum without walls or doors.

People from all over the world travelled to 5 Pointz in Queens, making it one of the most visited places for street art in New York. In November 2013, it was lost forever – first whitewashed, then demolished. citizenM reached out to the 5 Pointz collective in 2016, with an aim to give 5 Pointz back to New York City. The result is the Museum of Street Art (MoSA), spanning the entire 20-floor staircase of the citizenM New York Bowery hotel.

The MoSA celebrates the reunion of 20 graffiti artists, their creativity and their craft, while resurrecting a significant and beloved landmark of graffiti art in New York. (Photo credit: Rae Maxwell).

(Photography Credit: Rachel Fawn)

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'5Pointz Artists Find a Fresh Canvas
at New Museum of Street Art’

New York Times

the artists

20 artists reunited for the first time since 5 Pointz demolition.

The 5 Pointz creates collective is, in their own words, keeping the spirit alive one wall at a time. 5 Pointz was founded by Jonathan ‘Meres One’ Cohen, an aerosol artist with a 30-year career spanning hundreds of global artworks. The curator and director behind the project is Marie Cecile Flageul, a trendsetter in New York’s event industry, and a tireless promoter of street art.

Artists include... Meres one (New York), DJALOUZ (Paris), PYTHON (New York), SEE TF (New York), CORTES (New York), Elle street art (Los Angeles), Zimad (New York), NEVER (Atlanta), THE YOK (Australia), Jerms (New York), Trans1 (London), Noir (London), Topaz (New York), Sheryo (Singapore), Twin (New York), SOULS (New York), Vince Ballentine (New York), Danielle Mastrion (New York), Toofly (Ecuador), Damien Mitchell (Australia), Rabbi D and Grand affair, Lady Pink, Rubin415, Esteban Del Valle and Don Rmix.

(Photography Credits:Rae Maxwell for MoSA)

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come to MoSA

Museum of Street Art is now open.

Make no mistake: this is much more than a tourist attraction. Urban historians, street art buffs, Instagram thrillseekers – and of course, our guests, friends and neighbors – will all find something to admire at MoSA.

The first photo-op is the outdoor 5000-square-foot mural by Meres One, featuring letters culled from the original 5 Pointz landmark. The second photo-op is 21 floors above the first, at our bar in the clouds. From there, your graffiti descent begins.

Whether or not you’ve seen the original New York street art site at 5 Pointz, MoSA will be a one-in-a-million experience.

(Photography Credit: Rae Maxwell for MoSA)

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