Danielle Mastrion

Proudly Brooklyn born, Danielle Mastrion is a classically trained artist. A licensed NYC tour guide, she is passionate about her city and its history and every wall is a dedication. She travels the world to paint and is known for her bright composition.

After a few years of dabling within the corporate world, she rapidly made the decision to become a full time artist. She has recently become a heavy contributor at Coney Island, painting several murals for Luna Park and the famed aquarium. A few years ago, Danielle had a solo canvas show in Brooklyn called ‘Lost New York’. Curator Marie Cecile Flageul loved the captured scenes and purchased a Crown Heights painting. Rather than assigning an expected portrait, she asked Mastrion to paint a traditional tenement, a perfect theme for Mastrion whose own grandmother lived on East 8th street and worked on the Lower East Side.

Danielle Mastrion’s first ever aerosol mural was a portrait of Beastie Boys singer MCA. Meres One pushed her to use solely spray paint. She was then re-invited to 5 Pointz in the summer of 2013 to immortalize the famed DJ Kool Herk for the 40 years of Hip Hop anniversary.