Parisian artist Djalouz first received notice with his illegal 3D installations in phone booths all over the French capital.

His distinct style and mastering of 3D shards have led him to paint all over the world. Still residing outside of Paris, he is a full time artist and has also been building up his tattoo portfolio, where his passion for lines is clearly illustrated.

Assigned a quote by famed New York artist and long-time East Village resident Keith Harring, 'art lives through the imagination of people who are seeing it', Djalouz blessed the MoSA collection with his flawless lettering style, and added a neon aesthetic as a tribute to the classic neon of Katz's Deli and other iconic signs seen along the Bowery.

Djalouz started painting at 5 Pointz in 2011 with fellow French artist Caligr. In October 2013, he interrupted his residency in Montreal to rush to 5 Pointz and anoint the graffiti mecca one last time. He was the last artist ever to complete a production at 5 Pointz.