Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Never is based in Brooklyn when he is not traveling the world and blessing every continent with his colorful compositions or masterful calligraphic pieces.

A skilled illustrator and graphic designer in high demand, Never loves to paint just to paint. A man of few words and fairly shy, he lets his art speak for itself.

The quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson assigned to him at the MoSA could actually be his motto. Using mixed media (spray and brush), Never's composition recalls the chaotic look of the old Lower East Side walls covered in billboards and posters. The layering of colors and positioning of words challenges the viewer's eyes in a playful hide-and-seek search of the content.

Never's largest piece at 5 Pointz was positioned between two buildings on a 30-foot wall. Its creation was challenging, yet ironically the hard-to-reach location saved it from being whitewashed in 2013. The sad black and white owl was the last piece standing, and its bulldozer demolition in late 2014 was actually captured by the famed New York graffiti photographer Martha Cooper.