Nicholai Khan

Nicholai Khan was born in Trinidad and Tobago, and moved to New York City as a child. He received formal training from the Fashion Institute of Technology, where he first met Meres One.

Meeting Nicholai for the first time at 5 Pointz in 2010, Marie remembered his bright double-paged black book scene. He was given streetball as a theme, a common occurrence in all parks of the city, but chose to emulate the most notable one on Houston Street. His style and ability to portray movement made him the perfect artist to capture this must-experience scene of downtown Manhattan. His colorful and bright productions are easily recognizable. He volunteers in schools across NYC and has published his own children’s book, ‘Nico the Tiger’.

Nicholai contributed many walls at 5 Pointz, including his emotional tribute to Travon Martin. His larger piece, a portrait of the Dos Equis founder, got him the praise of the brand owner himself.

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MoSA opens fall 2018.

The first photo-op is the outdoor 5,000-square-foot mural by Meres One, featuring letters culled from the original 5 Pointz landmark.

Make no mistake: this is much more than a tourist attraction. Urban historians, street art buffs, Instagram thrillseekers – and of course, our guests, friends and neighbors – will all find something to admire at the MoSA.

Bookings open fall 2018.

(Photography Credits:Rae Maxwell for MoSA)

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