With 40 years of graffiti art behind him, Python, who started painting trains in 1979 and hails from the iconic old school crew X-men, is a New York feature.

When he was not painting, you could catch him popping and locking under the Brooklyn Bridge, or simply chilling at the FUN Gallery. Combining amazing illustration skills and a very successful graphic design career, Python has never stopped creating, which shows through his incredible versatility.

Asked to capture the vibe and feel of the Bowery at sunset as a reference, Python used pictures he had taken of the sky on Delancey and Bowery a few days before painting. Then, he simply took a trip down memory lane. His featured facades and diner windows echo an Edward Hopper feeling, and his color composition is breathtaking.

A long time contributor at the 5 Pointz site, Python painted a full production with fellow X-men crew members yearly. The last iconic wall was a tribute to his favorite classic painter Van Gogh, and illustrated the crew’s mastery with his own rendition of "Starry Night".