Sheryo is a Brooklyn-based Singaporean visual/mural artist who started painting in the streets in 2005.

Her art seeks to investigate, analyze and document the human psyche and frustrations towards contemporary lifestyle and its mercurial nature.

She works across many mediums, from 2D paintings to 3D sculptures, installations and moving images. Her style, often referencing pulp illustrations, skateboard graphics, and her unabashed affinity for kitsch, translates as jovial, surreal imagery. Assigned the famous bagel and cream cheese – a food staple of the Lower East Side – she brought her usual humor and love of kitchy 80's aesthetic to her wall.

Sheryo painted one large production at 5 Pointz on Crane Street. It was a larger-than-life fun collaboration with The Yok named Pipe Dreams, showcasing a geisha, and a monster devouring a slice of pizza. Perhaps it was a metaphor for the art duo.