Born in the South Bronx, the Dominican artist is the youngest contributor of MoSA. Currently studying at Laguardia College, Souls has also been an art teacher for several after-school programs in NYC.

He is steadily creating murals while working on canvas as well. You can catch him by chance on any New York City subway, sketching away what life presents to him. Fascinated by the famous Da Vinci hand, he found the chess player theme of Tompkins Square Park a natural inspiration. Rather than capturing the entire scene, he put emphasis on the hands, and integrated a piece from his own chess set given to him by his departed father. Chess’s strategic nature echoes the graffiti game and the importance of art placement.

Souls represents the future generation. At 5 Pointz, he started painting legally and working on his craft. From can control to composition, his work is steadily developing. 5 Pointz was a great organic school where younger artists could observe, interact and learn from senior artists.