Born and Raised in Corona Park, Queens, James Rocco – aka Topaz aka Lordrock – is hip hop: he lives and breathes it.

An amazing illustrator and sci-fi addict, Topaz favors large-scale productions, and specializes in characters and background.

Gangs of New York was not just a movie. The Dead Rabbits and the Bowery Boys (dead-end kids) were arch enemies and rivals. Embracing his own Italian heritage and large brotherhood, Topaz was a perfect fit for the topic. In his rendition, Topaz captured not only the main faces of the group, but also their favorite hang-outs, notably Louie’s Sweet Shop.

Topaz was a pillar at 5 Pointz and had some of the oldest pieces on the building. One of his last graffiti artworks was an emotional tribute to his brother, who had recently passed. For an artist such as Topaz, every wall is a page of a diary. His versatility and skills allow him to paint anything, yet the narrative of walls is where he feels the most comfortable.