For London Design Festival 2019, citizenM has commissioned Never Lost, an interactive installation by London-based artist Emily Forgot. Through Never Lost, Emily and citizenM strive to inspire playful curiosity, discovery and self-reflection as part of the journey experience.


This is the first time Emily has created a truly immersive three-dimensional space. The maze-like structure will be displayed at the entrance to citizenM London Shoreditch hotel from 14th - 30th September.


“Since my first solo show during LDF in 2016, much of my work has been based on architecture and interior spaces often with a surreal or fantastical element. A maze is perhaps one of the most surreal built structures, so the idea to create one for citizenM was the perfect route to take,” says Emily.


The project came to life through Emily’s colourful visual language and architectural references. She takes inspiration from the work of architects and designers such as Xavier Corbero, Ricardo Bofill and Richard England – all of whom embrace fantasy and storytelling in their practice, creating places that have a joyful spirit, but where this spirit sits happily with – or contributes to – its function. Following this narrative, Never Lost will showcase a playful study of the boundaries between real, remembered and imagined spaces.


“Colour and form are very important aspects of my design process. It was exciting that citizenM wanted me to push my design thinking further, leading us to incorporate materials I haven’t worked with in the past to add to the more sensory experience of the maze. I'm really looking forward to seeing how this elevates the design,” says Emily Forgot.


The installation will be enhanced by three tracks from the Music for Brainwaves album, a project commissioned by citizenM to combat issues commonly associated with travel – focus, anxiety and sleeplessness. Each track utilises relevant tones, frequencies and rhythms to affect the brain in a beneficial way, encouraging a certain state of mind, and enhancing the visitor’s experience within Never Lost.


Since its founding, citizenM has placed great importance in supporting and collaborating with locally-based artists and designers, through commissioning artworks and murals for its hotels, as well as creating site-specific installations at key cultural moments such as LDF. This is perfectly reflected in the brand’s art manifesto: “a blank wall is a wasted opportunity.”


Robin Chadha, Chief Marketing Officer of citizenM, says: “We’re thrilled to be working with Emily, and to provide a platform for her to explore new designs and materials. We wanted the installation to reflect our guests’ experience when they travel – a journey of curiosity and discovery, of stepping out of the comfort zone. We feel Never Lost has achieved just that. True to our philosophy, we’re delighted to once again bring art to our guests in an exciting and memorable way.”


This collaboration will mark the second partnership between citizenM and Emily Forgot, who created a ceiling mural in the central living room space of citizenM London Shoreditch hotel.