You could say we’ve gone around the world in 365 days (or less) in 2019! Europe, North America and Asia – we opened hotels on three continents. The best part – meeting our new friends, the local citizens. 

Let's kick off with Kuala Lumpur


We set up at the crossroads of Asia in June 2019. A true melting pot of cultures, Kuala Lumpur is a city where bright patterns abound, spicy smells fill the air and locals embrace life with open arms and boundless energy. 


Some of these locals became the subjects of our ‘citizens of Kuala Lumpur’ campaign, shot by photographer Jayden Tan in a wildly colourful style that reflects the vibrancy of the city, its cultural heritage and cutting-edge quest for modernity.


This is the story of a city with a million different flavours and one new hotel. Meet the citizens of Kuala Lumpur.

Amsterdam – we just can’t get enough


After 10 years of worldwide wanderings, we returned to our hometown to open a third Amsterdam hotel. To celebrate this major feat, we wanted to honour the people that make Amsterdam the incredible city it is.


Photographer Lois Cohen collaborated with us to get under the skin of the various groups that call Amsterdam home: the Artists of the West, the Chefs of the East’s burgeoning restaurant scene, the Youth of the North, the LGBTQ+ community of Reguliersdwarsstraat, the Statues of Dam Square, the Skaters of the Vondelpark, the Bouncers of Centraal, the Bar Owners of Jordaan, and – last but not least – the Businesswomen of the South.


This honest photo series captures quirks and personalities of these groups, and ultimately celebrates the city they’ve helped shape.


These are the citizens who make Amsterdam amazing. 

Zurich – we’re here for the Swiss… everything


For the opening our first hotel in Switzerland, in the very global business capital of Zurich, we wanted to do something a little different.


So, local photographer Lauretta Suter went out and found 36 strong, smart, creative, successful, inspiring and colourful women of Zurich who are bucking trends and forming a network across the city to help each other make it. We wanted to get away from the male-dominated world of big business and international banking to show the power and influence of these amazing local women.


Citizens of the world, meet the citizens of Zurich.

Boston – for lobster, sports, teamwork


Boston is a city of many sides and many loves. But, more than anything, it’s sport that courses through this city’s veins. Here, the love of teams and players runs deep among fans. 


As a hotel that welcomes all, we want to highlight the teams that don’t get the glory usually reserved for sports heroes… and yet, they are as essential to making Boston amazing as the baseball and hockey teams. We shined a spotlight onto the fishermen and women who supply Boston’s restaurants, firefighters from all over the region, soup kitchen volunteers, healthcare workers (plus a hospital clown), educators, sports referees, and Boston Marathon runners and 2013 survivors. These are the unsung heroes of Boston, the amazing teams who keep this city running. 


Meet the great citizens of Boston.