collectionM offers a little bit of us, especially for you. On sale in many of our hotels, this ever-evolving, practical yet quirky edit of products has been curated by our trendsetters, showing off brands that follow our ethos of affordable luxury. Forgot to pack your necessities? After the perfect memento? We’ve got your back. New for December, we’re introducing the Pochette, an infinitely useful, unisex clutch ideal for the savvy traveller.

The Pochette’s label – handmade in Rotterdam – boasts a statement that citizenM can immediately get on board with. Its creator, Rogier Kien is a self-professed “learning on the job” leather artisan with a passion for product design. Like us, he believes in long-lasting, quality products made locally. In his Rotterdam workshop, Kien crafts custom motorcycle seats and handlebars, custom bags and laptop sleeves.

His most recent creation, the Pochette, is perfect for our citizens. Found in citizenM Schiphol, citizenM Rotterdam, citizenM Tower of London, citizenM London Bankside and citizenM Paris La Défense, this chic clutch can hold everything from travel documents to glasses and can be carried by hand or placed in a larger bag. Using the same 1.3mm-thick Remy Carriat leather as that of designer brand Hermès, this is a product with a decades-long lifespan, not a throw-away holiday purchase you’ll have ditched by next week. That just isn’t our style.

Indeed, the same can be said of many of our collectionM items. The Pochette is the latest addition to our family of near-on 70 products from 30 forward-thinking brands. On our shelves you’ll find Crumpled City maps, Rosefield Watches, Makii colouring books and Senz storm umbrellas. A favourite among guests are the Alfredo Gonzales socks; we teamed up with the self-styled first lifestyle sock brand in the world to create a series of six designs that represent the each of the cities in which you’ll find our hotels. What a pair we make. Now that’s what we call socks in the city. Okay, we’ll stop now.

If you’ve ever found yourself in a hotel with no charger, ever thought “I wish I could have that artwork at home”, or forgotten to buy your special someone a gift (your secret’s safe with us), collectionM is here for you. Whether you need a kit to shine your shoes before a business meeting or just love the scent of our shower gel, collectionM gives guests the chance to take home all the best bits of our hotel and more.

Find us across citizenM’s three London hotels as well as in citizenM Schiphol Amsterdam, citizenM Rotterdam, citizenM Paris La Defense, citizenM Paris Charles de Gaulle and citizenM Glasgow. Look out for our shops opening in citizenM Amsterdam Zuid and citizenM New York Bowery in 2018.

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