We’ve all been there. You’re stood in front of a work of art and find yourself transfixed. “What is this masterpiece?” you think to yourself. Or perhaps: “What is this monstrosity?” Like a museum come to life, our hotels are packed with works of art by big names such as Julian Opie, Andy Warhol and Gavin Turk as well as specially commissioned pieces. Now, thanks to our new partnership with Smartify, you can learn more about them at the wave of a… phone.

Smartify is the instant art expert in the palm of your hand. Like us, the creative folk behind this free app believe that art should be accessible for all. Inside every gilt frame, within every installation, layer upon layer of meanings exist: the method, the madness, that moment in time – and it’s something we can all enjoy.


If art is a universal language, Smartify is here to tell its story. Simply hold up your phone or tablet, scan the artwork and discover amazing stories behind your favourite piece. Imagine this as Shazam for the eyes. Using advanced image recognition technology, the slick app immediately directs users to all the nitty gritty information – title, medium, date, collection, artist – and everything you could possibly want to know about the masterpiece before you. Curiosity, satisfied.


The app currently works across 30 of the best museums and galleries worldwide including the National Gallery (London), Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York), the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam) and, luckily for you, citizenM. Our Tower of London hotel is the first of our family to have been ‘Smartified’. Guests can now uncover the stories beyond the frame of more 20 works of art you’ll find within its walls and save them to show friends and family – that’s what we call a memento.

Look out for our other citizenM hotels as they join the art revolution in the near future. Ready? Set. Smartify.


Download Smartify free for iPhone or Android devices.



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