Join citizenM for one-of-a-kind event at an iconic venue - Art Rotterdam 2018 at Van Nelle Fabriek

Strip all the art out of citizenM and what’s left? All the Vitra furniture, and guests asking, ‘where have all the great pictures gone?’ Art is us and we are art. We collect it for our guests and for the artists too. Not all mobile citizens have time to visit a local gallery or museum. But all who stay at citizenM will notice superb pieces in our living rooms, elevators, bedrooms and meeting rooms. We are the middle man, connecting art and audience in every hotel.


It’s only natural that citizenM is the perfect fit as Art Rotterdam sponsor. Since 2015, it’s been a smooth relationship. It just works - a one-of-a-kind brand merged with one-of-a-kind event, at a very special venue, with exhibitions that encourage wandering and marvelling for hours. The audience is international, just like citizenM guests. The art is inspirational, just like citizenM hotels. In 2017, 26,500 people attended over five days. In 2018, we expect even more.


For art admirers, buyers, explorers and collectors in the Netherlands, Art Rotterdam is a must-attend event. And what about citizens who can’t visit Art Rotterdam personally? We’ll make you feel as if you were there, with live updates straight to our Instagram feed during the entire fair.


Here are our recommendations for your visit to the fair:


Wed, 7th Feb from 6.00 PM to 8.00 PM at citizenM Rotterdam – opening night

The artist Marc Bijl will talk about his inspiration, materials and techniques, and introduce his new installation created especially for citizenM – Fake Manifest. The evening continues with a short film about Art Rotterdam featuring the art critic Hans den Hartog Jager, followed by Nienke van der Wal’s tips for navigating the fair.

Get your free ticket here.


Thu, 8th Feb to Sun, 11th Feb at Van Nelle Fabriek – exhibition days

At Van Nelle Fabriek, the Art Rotterdam film will be on a loop at the citizenM cinema, located right next to Marc Bijl’s Fake Manifest piece. Become part of the artwork by taking a selfie with it. For those who can’t attend, the film and highlights from the fair are available to view online through YouTube and citizenM social media channels. Opening hours: Thursday, Saturday, Sunday 11.00 AM - 7.00 PM, Friday 11.00 AM to 9.00 PM.


Sat, 10th Feb and Sun, 11th Feb 11.00 AM - 7.00 PM at Van Nelle Fabriek – public tours by YCC (Young Collectors Circle)

During Art Rotterdam Week, Young Collectors Circle organizes an extensive program, including public tours at Art Rotterdam. The tour is free with your ticket. During the tours, you will learn everything about buying art and discovering your taste and style. Registration takes place via the information desk of Art Rotterdam.


Sneak peek of Young Blood Gallery at Art Rotterdam

A brand-new gallery by Galerie Ron Mandos and our friends from Groos represents young and cutting-edge artists, bringing the best of the newest graduating talents in contemporary art, like Martin Brandt and Joris Strouken. The Young Blood Gallery will open in the spring of 2018 in Het Industriegebouw, Rotterdam. Check them out during Art Rotterdam.

To see the program, purchase tickets and view media from last year’s Art Rotterdam, go to