London Design Festival drops a pile of sisal on our Shoreditch doorstep. See it until September 30th.

People seldom visit London’s Shoreditch neighbourhood for reasons other than street art. The area’s personality is wildly creative, and dizzyingly photogenic with loud and electrifying graffiti. So what’s this got to do with citizenM? Well, we are rebelling as usual, by bringing something completely different to Shoreditch! 



For a 6th year in a row, London Design Festival is calling, and things are going to get ex-straw-ordinary. We invited London-based Mexican designer Fernando Laposse to debut his Sisal Sanctum installation right at the entrance to citizenM London Shoreditch hotel. And what an entrance it’s going to be!



A larger-than-life hairy guardian made entirely of sisal will stand at the head of the Sisal Sanctum. Behind him, two lounges – complete with walls and carpets – will create a sensorial and tactile straw-asis of many textures. Even if you’ve seen sisal before (your cat’s scratching post?), you’ve probably never been so completely immersed in it.



Of course, it’s never just an exhibition, at citizenM. While you are enjoying the Sisal Sanctum (‘I’d love this carpet in the lounge!’), you are helping Fernando Laposse highlight the small producers in Mexico, a handful of whom remain from a once-mighty sisal production industry. They still use ancient ways of harvesting, dyeing and manufacturing this natural and biodegradable material. As a passionate believer in helping local communities, Fernando Laposse uses sisal to bring a disappearing industry to your attention, while highlighting its strong community values.



If you find yourself intrigued by sisal and inspired by its production – like we are – you’ll have more opportunities to get even closer to it. During the festival, citizenM will be hosting sisal mask-making workshops, and lessons in natural dyeing techniques.



The Sisal Sanctuary is going to be a free temporary exhibition open from 15 to 30 September 2018, at the entrance to the citizenM London Shoreditch hotel. Visit us before this unusual installation – and the amazing mirrored-ceiling photo ops – are gone forever. 



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