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five reasons you’ll be thankful for our hotel rooms

It’s Thanksgiving, a time to eat (check), drink (check) and show your gratitude for all your earthly pleasures. And that’s where we step in. Sure, friends and family are great, as is your health and home. But when it comes down to it, what does everyone want? A hotel room designed around you. (We knew you’d agree.) Whether you’re controlling the room temp with the swipe of a finger or hunkering down in a plush XL bed and bingeing on the latest flicks, you’ll be saying a massive thank you to those lucky citizenM stars.

... and while you're at it, why not listen to our Thanksgiving playlist?

1.unbeatable beds

Nothing ruins a good night’s sleep like a second-rate bed. That’s why our rooms come with wall-to-wall, two-metre squared mattresses. Whether you’re 5”0 or 7”6, our beds will make you feel like you’re cocooned in the clouds. Of course, the perfect bed is no good if it’s topped with starchy sheets and lumpy pillows. That’s why you won’t find any sleep-affecting synthetic materials ruining our rooms. All beds are finished with the soft-as-butter Italian linen and fluffiest duck-feather pillows. In fact, we’re so confident that you’ll get a good night’s kip that our mattresses are available to buy. Now that’s what we call a memento.

2.room controls at your fingertips

Megalomaniacs love citizenM’s innovative MoodPad. Like something straight out of Blade Runner 2049, the touchscreen gadget lets you control each and every aspect of the hotel room. Browse what’s on the TV, lower the window blinds and crank up the temperature if you want things steamy. Set the mood with some ambient lighting and a wake-up alarm – if you agree with them on a holiday. With our technology, you can easily tailor your room to your every whim. Paradise is at the flick of a finger.

3.hello darkness my old friend

Jet lag. The two words that strike fear into any traveller’s heart. It can be a holiday-breaker, but don’t worry, we’re here to help. Our body clocks (or circadian rhythm, if you want to get fancy about it) primarily respond to light and dark. That’s why wall-to-wall windows flood each of our rooms with an abundance of natural light. Soak it up, and leave your blinds open till darkness falls; you’ll feel better for it. But once you’ve taken in that sunset, use the MoodPad to drop the black-out blinds and dim the lights – a great way to get ready for bed and get you back on track for a fabulous break.  

4.the best things in life are free

A smile. A hug. Laughter. Love. The best things in life needn’t have to cost the earth. That’s why our superfast WiFi is yours to enjoy. We know you need to get some snaps up on the old ‘gram so that the world and his dog knows that you’re having a terrific trip. Hashtag citizenM. And when you’re not gallivanting about, we’re here to entertain you. Step aside, Netflix; it’s all about the citizenM and chill. Cosy up in bed and browse our library of movies. Whether you’re into rom-coms, thrillers or shows of a more adult variety, they’re on the house.

5.plug in

We all know that sinking feeling when you’ve arrived at a hotel, your phone’s on five per cent battery and you reach in your case only to find you’ve left your plug adaptor at home – we’ve broken out in a cold sweat just thinking about it. Fear not. Our international plug system caters for UK, US and EU pins as well as having USB connectors, so you’ll never be without electricity. Power to the people.


Photo: Knomo